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Anyone in TWU Houston program?

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Just wondering who is already in the program (BSN) for Texas Women's Univ. Houston.....

Did they explain their philosophy and what did you make of it?

What is their purpose for Zoology as a pre-requisite?

What is their graduation number and their NCLEX-test pass rate?

How many do they accept into their program initially?

What classes or clinical events (such as community-based mandatory events) does TWU offer in their cirriculum?

I am curious to know this. I am out of region or state but I am close to Texas and I have heard about this school's program. They sound phenomenal but I just wanted to hear from someone who has either graduated there or is already in their program. I feel like I am in a nursing program that has scammed people into keeping their program and school funded. Their graduation rate here is EXTREMELY low and it scares me each time to think of it. They give one minute for each question on tests which is a bit pathetic because they consist of scenario and critical thinking questions. Who critically thinks and analyzes scenarios in a minute? Are there not questions to be raised? I feel my program is a scam but I really would like to come to Texas and apply to this one. I am trying to quickly make a decision before these people anymore of my money.

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-Zoology is their anatomy and physiology (1 & 2)

-Not sure about graduation number, but last semester, the NCLEX pass rate was 98.3 or 98.4% (first time around taking the test).

-TWU Houston accepted 100 students for Fall 2010

-Not sure about "community-based events", but since we are in the Texas Medical Center, some of us do our clinicals within the medical center, some of us elsewhere. It's based on the availability and address you register with.

-According to the seniors and professors I have spoken with, the professors and faculty want every one to succeed and are there to help in any way possible. The seniors I've spoken with never felt that the professors are there to make your life miserable - although they will, of course, push you hard to be the best you can.

I'm not sure how your school is, but I know for a fact that TWU is a terrific place and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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