Anyone trying to get into nursing school?

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Hey, prospective student here from the NJ/NY metro area and was wondering if it's too late to apply to nursing school for my ADN.

Right now I have six college credits (English pre reqs done) with a gpa of 3.35. I know getting is competitive and the college that I'm going to right now is asking for 12 college credits, bio and chem with lab, and algebra 1 completed, plus taking the TEAS, etc.

is is there any schools without this rigorous barrier to entry? Any nj students here?

I am not working and Have a lot of time to get this knocked out.

Depends on the school, their requirements and when they accept applications.

My local Community College only enrolls RN students in the Fall, so applications have to be in by mid Jan. so for my local school, it would be too late to apply for Fall 2018.

Other schools in town enroll in both the fall and spring, but a year out. So you could apply in Sept 2018 for Fall 2019, but the Spring 2019 enrollment period is over now.

As far as prerequs go - if you need 12 credits and you have 6 then you need to get 6 more. They probably want to see how you'll perform in science classes before they consider you for enrollment. The school I'll be attending requires at least half of your science courses be complete before you apply.

So is it too late for Fall 2018? Probably. For Fall 2019? Probably not. Just depends on how you look at the situation.

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That is not a 'rigorous barrier to entry'- it is normal. And if you think this is rigor- you are in for a rude awakening.


Thanks for replying, I see getting an ADN or BSN does requires a lot of dedication and commitment, which is very possible to achieve.

Currently, my options are either go through LPN school through a free grant, or continue working on my Pre nursing degree and hope I get accepted in the fall of 2019, while getting a CNA cert this spring or summer.

I'm not really sure what would be the best option would be. I'm young single, no kids, and not working as of now. I've pondered the idea of being an LPN, but my counseler said that LPN jobs are being phased out.

What do you think?

Well, if you do an LPN course you can always take an LPN -> RN completion course and then you could go the RN -> BSN completion route. However, it's gonna take longer that way. That said, maybe you could get an employer to help pay for the additional schooling.

LPN jobs may be phased out in hosptials, but it could be that there are still LPN jobs in nursing homes/ LTC facilities. You may also take a tech/cna type role just to get you through school (I don't know the logistics on that though - I assume it would depend on the employer).

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OP: I was in LPN school in the 1970's and was told they were being 'phased out'. Hasn't happened. Your counselor is just plain wrong.

Free LPN school? Jump on that! I started as an LPN and have continually moved up to where I am now. It was a great place to start for me.

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