Anyone here had any trouble finding a job after graduating from Chamberlain?

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Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster!

Anyway, I'm from St. Louis, and I just got waitlisted for UMSL's clinical BSN program. I'm looking at applying at Chamberlain since I have a friend who has a lower GPA than mine and she got accepted. I know that Chamberlain is a for-profit school, so that itself makes me hesitant to apply.

I've read almost every post about Chamberlain on here, but I was wondering if anyone has actually graduated from and gotten a job that they wanted? I don't know anything about this school's reputation. But I DO know that they are listed on the Missouri Board of Nursing's website as an accredited institution, and that their NCLEX pass rate from 2009 was 90%.

Has anyone here graduated from Chamberlain? Did you have trouble finding work? Does anyone know how employers feel about hiring graduates of Chamberlain? Has anyone WORKED with a graduate of Chamberlain?

If you DID get a job, did you feel like Chamberlain prepared you properly? I know I'm asking a LOT, but any insight would be awesome and SUPER appreciated!

I'm attracted to Chamberlain because they don't have a waitlist. On the other hand, I realize that they ARE a for-profit school, and this might be some kind of scheme to sweep up desperate people like me. I may just be paranoid though...

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I have been a RN for many years but have a BA and MBA. Even with multiple degrees, if you want to advance in the NURSING field, get a BSN right from the beginning. It is a pain always having to get special approval to be hired if a hospital has Magnet Status. They only want BSNs and you will not get hired.

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ICURN, you spoke the truth. Don't waste your time getting a ADN. Your choices will be VERY limited.

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