Anyone tried study at home program?

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Hi i will be starting in May to do the Rue program and i am told it is the same courses as the regents, I would be more than glad to be part of a support group and have some one who i can e-mail back and forth about the program It would be nice to have the support coming my way too. I know of another person who will be doing the program with me and she would love to have an e-mail support system started, if your game let me know-barb

Can you post info as to where to sign up for these at-home courses? I have a friend with four kids who is looking into at home RN.



I am a mother of three young children,who successful completed LPN school three years ago. For the past couple of years I have struggled to try to complete school at the local college, but because of home life and bills, college life wasn't easy. Now I have been trying to study for the Regents study at home program to work towards my RN degree. I was wondering if there is anyone who has done it or currently doing it, that could give me some tips or past experieces. I really would like to further my education, but with children and no support system, it's not very easy.

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