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Anyone transfer to GSU from GPC?

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by WndrlstRN WndrlstRN (Member)

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Hello out there! I was wondering if there was anyone (current or alumni students of GSU) that transferred from GPC. (Hopefully) I will start GPC's nursing program in Spring 2011, but I was considering applying to GSU for Fall 2011. I have already received admission to GSU for Fall 2010 but unfortunately, I didn't find out until I began classes at GPC! Anywho, I am intending to defer my enrollment until Summer 2011 at GSU to take the two pre-req courses for their nursing program, and hopefully transfer in Fall 2011.

I just wanted to get any information/opinions about transfering between these two programs. I mainly desire to earn a BSN vs. ASN and pursue other interests at GSU. But, I am wondering if it is worth going through the trouble because I will have to sacrifice the summer semester of GPC's nursing curriculum.

I hope this makes sense, I feel like I'm rambling! Thanks in advance. :)

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Just curious - would GSU not go ahead and confirm your deferral to the Fall 2011 program? Have you received admission to the Spring 2011 GPC program?

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