has anyone taken the hesi a2?

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I'm taking the Hesi A2 exam this Wednesday.

I've been studying math, vocab, and grammar. I'm going to study bio and chemistry today and tomorrow.

I think I'm ready for only math.

How are the other sections? I studied all the vocab words that was on the hesi study guide. Will this be okay? As for grammer and reading, are they simple?

Also, for bio and chemistry..will I be fine as long as I study the guide? please help

I took it last month and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The math was pretty basic, mostly problems with adding and subtracting fractions, and a few simple conversions that you may need to brush up on like volume and weight conversions. I had a study book, but the actual test itself was much easier. My school only had us take the biology portion of the test, and it seemed that all the questions were based on general biology, rather than a&p so you may want to brush up on that, if you haven't already. The vocabulary isn't hard, mostly "what does this word mean when used in this sentence?" or pick the word that is misspelled. Reading is just a simple read the questions and answer based on what you read.

I think that all the work we have to do to get the chance to take the Hesi will more than prepare you for the most of the test (except the science parts). Honestly, I only really looked at my study guide like one time, and I got a 90 cumulative score on it (but I did have both general bio classes, so I was familiar with that), so try not to get too nervous about taking the test, especially if you have really been studying(unlike me lol). Good Luck on your test!

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