has anyone taken/currently in the online rn program at broward college?

U.S.A. Florida


[color=pink]hi everyone! i just found out that i was accepted for the jan 2011 program? yay!:yeah:i was wondering has anyone taken the online rn program or is domeone currently doing the program online at bc.


i am hearing that the best college to go to is the north campus. i would like to do face to face but the drive will be one hour and half hours. please help me out to decide to do online/face to face.

Well I'm going to start mdc bridge program. They have an option for online which I wanted so badly however there weren't enough applicants. So I was forced to choose face to face. It sucks because I have a full time hospital job. Anyway all the nurses told me I'll be insane to do it online. Also my fellow co worker whose a respiratory therapist dropped the program because it was so hard online. They kicked her out and put her back on the waiting list. She got fed up and went in to respiratory. I realized that I wasn't so determined to open a book and learn something on my own any more do maybe its a good thing that I was forced in the classroom. Sucky part is that I have to work every weekend for a year and a night shift once a week. If you got the drive for it, I say go for it. If you know that you will slack off then I suggest to take the sacrifice and drive!

thanks for the reply. i am also a registered respiratory therapist. i have to take the generic program at broward college because u only can be a lpn to attend the bridge program. i am a graduate from mdc but i had already taken the entrance exam for broward and mdc added more requirements for the entrance into the the program. i have 3 children and work the weekend contract. thats the only way you will be able to do the nursing program. i think i might go face to face, i just don't know yet.

At mdc you have to do the mac1105 now which sucks. Where do you work? and I have a kid. Single mom. Need more stability. That's why I chose the nursing route

I work for Baptist health. At broward u have to be a LPN. Itz cool though because I just may need the brush up.

I work at Aventura. Yea the thing about the bridge is that they skip the fundamentals and stuff because they expect that you know stuff which is tough. They skip the med surge and go straight to advance and a pharm class. So im studying from a book. The lpns in the program should have it sweet

Yes, it should b a breez for them. WHen do u start the program? I start in Jan 2011

I start in January as well. 5 days a week! So I have to work Saturday Sunday and I will have to work thursday night shift to make my 36 hours. So not looking for to it! Excited about the program tho!

One nite is not too bad compared to 3 nites. I was thinking that as well, that I may have to work a nite shift. We just have to do what we got to do if we want to see the outcome; to become a nurse.

Yea you're right. Are you going to have baptist pay for it for a contract?

Don't know yet. Maybe tuition reimbursement because they do not hold a scholarship/contract with any of the broward hospitals.

Ok. Well I know memorial hospital has partnership with broward which is great. HCA will pay for mine with a 2 year contract since I'm an employee but I'm so afraid of them just putting me anywhere. I refuse to do floors! Is there a problem of the way I think? Lol!

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