did anyone have to take the HESI exam to get a job?


Hello Everyone,

I am an out of state nursing student and I will be moving to Houston after graduation, my school doesn't administer the HESI exit exam but I am noticing in my research some hospitals such as Methodist require you take the test and others never heard of the exam. If you did have to take this exit exam could you point me in the right direction of finding the right web link so i can see if i can schedule to take it in my state or in Houston? thank you in advance

I'm in an out of state program that doesn't administer HESI either. Methodist representatives came to my school a couple of months ago and I asked them about this question since i am planning to work in Texas. They said that this particular requirement wouldn't apply since my school doesn't require us to take that exam. You can always call them to be 100% sure though!