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Hi Everyone,

I have started studying on my own for the cna, through online videos, and books. I live in NC, so we are on of the few states that will allow anyone to take the CNA exam. I believe it's called challenge exam. I have taken a phlebotomy course before. I have also worked as a health unit coordinator on NSICU floor, so i'm familiar with a lot of the terms already.

I'm going this route because I don't have the time or the money to take a formal CNA course right now. The course I can afford takes 4 months to complete, the short courses in the area are $400 and up.

Anyone else tried it this way? I'll be praticing the CNA skills on my family members.

I think I can do it....I plan on taking the CNA in August.

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Our state requires it. There are some nurses aides who are grandfathered.

IMO I think it is a bad idea for the patients. We went to a clinical site and did a number of hours working with real patients.

What are the employment prospects if you don't take a course? I cannot imagine all employers care about is the certification.

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Most states require the course and clinical time. Working on healthy people is nothing like working with sick, aged, or pts with dementia and multiple physical issues. How will you learn to use a hoyer lift? Shower trolley? transfers? I'd say, you won't be able to do it and even if you could pass the test the practical application takes the experience of a class and clinical practice. Look into a trade school or vo-tec connected to a high school. It takes 8-10 weeks.

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