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Anyone take the entrance exam at Erie 1 Bocces in Western, NY? (Buffalo area NOT NYC)

by taraer1206 taraer1206 (New) New

Hello!! :nurse: Has anyone ever taken the entrance exam at Erie 1 Bocces in Buffalo, NY? I am taking it this Friday and I was wondering if someone could tell me what to expect. I am 23 and have been out of high school for about 5 years now. I have been working full time since high school, but have always wanted to be a nurse! I was wondering if you have taken it, if you could let me know what to expect. I understand it is high school Math and English. However since I have been out of high school for sometime, I'm a little rusty with my math so I have been getting tutored for some refreshers. I was wondering if you were allowed to use a calculator? I'm really nervous! I do very well with English, and writing is a strong suit of mine as well. Any insight into the program would be helpful and appreciated! :twocents::clown: If you could answer some questions of mine that would be great!!

1. How was the exam?

2. Can you use a calculator?

3. How long until you find out if you passed or failed?

4. When do they do the interview?

5. What kinds of things do they ask you in the interview?

6. Even though I have no previous medical experience - will that effect me getting accepted?

7. Anything else you think I should know!

:hug: Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu! :nurse::heartbeat