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Anyone starting Fall 2015 @ Gateway Accelerated Program?

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I was just wondering if anyone else here will be starting the fall semester @ Gateway Community College in the Accelerated Program? Orientation is 8/25/15 I am hoping to meet some of my fellow Nursing students!!!

Hello! Yes I am starting the PN program in August! I am so excited! I havent received anything else; after they sent the welcome email with the background info and the schedule. have you ? What cohort are you doing? I am in the evening.

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Hi A_Olguin,

My classes will be in the daytime. Are you in the evening RN program?

No I will be in the accelerated PN evening program. Will you be in the rn program?

I sure am!!! I am surprised that I haven't heard anything from any other students so far! You're the first!! :)

Nice we will perhaps be in block 3 together. When is your orientation

Orientation for me is 8/25/15!!! :)