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anyone starting APU EENAP summer 2010 SB county here?


Hi all!!

Just wondering if there are anyone out there starting the nursing program at APU EENAP summer 2010 in San Bernardino. Did anyone hear back from them about orientation or any information? I know it's just too early to know but the wait is seriously killing me! wondering if anyone are on the same boat.....


Hello!...So there is someone else out there! I am starting the APU EENAP program May 2010 in San Bernardino too. I have not heard any other info or anything about orientation since receiving an acceptance letter. When I talked to (moderator edit of name) from APU's nursing dept in October they were still finalizing the list for the May 2010 cohort and as soon as that was done they would send out further info. But yes, the wait is killing me too:bugeyes:.

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hello!! thank goodness someone replied! :) but yea I called her too about it and she mentioned that they will be sending out letters maybe in January about orientation. She told me not too worry because they're still trying to organized those who will be entering in JAN 2010. She also mentioned that orientation will most likely be some where at the end of April. Therefore, we would have to keep waiting...... :(

What is the deadline for the EENAP ? I cannot find it anywhere? I wonder if I still have time?

There is not really a deadline. They have a rolling application period, so you should apply as soon as possible to be considered as soon as possible. I applied in August 2009 and got accepted for Summer 2010.

Has anyone heard any new info about the cohort starting the EENAP program Summer 2010 at the Inland Empire location?

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I applied last August for the summer program in San Bernardino, just recieved a call today about meeting for a "questions and answers" session to go over questions and transcripts. Hopefully it leads somewhere positive, and this means you all should be recieving phone calls soon!

Yes, I am in that cohort. I know when the orientation is taking place but not much else. They do not give you a schedule of class times or dates or much information at all about the particulars of the program. I hear it is very difficult and many of the instructors are tough and not very flexible.

I am no longer in the EENAP program. I decided it was too much, too fast. The school is very unorganized and not very helpful at all. They put alot of pressure on the students, but do not support them at all. I had bought books on my own to save some money and then I was told that I had to purchase it in the bundle. I asked if I could just buy a few of the resources I did not find myself from the bookstore. They answered, "No." The administrative assistant said in a short, nasty manner that I should have bought the bundle and kind of walked away from me. This happened with everything I did there from asking questions on e-mails to visiting the campus. I could not get any information about what I was going to go through. I needed to know since I was accepted at another program and I was still working at the time. During orientation it was the same attitude. It is all on the student to learn and not the instructors that much of the classes are on-line. There are many ways to fail the program, but they did not give us a strategy to be successful. We need to maintain a 3.0 or we are on probation. If you cannot bring it to 3.0 next semester you can be kicked out of the program losing all tuition for that semester. Then the handbook says a B- is 80-83%. I asked whether that is below a 3.0 and the director side stepped around it. To me an 83% is pretty high if that is failing, how harsh! You never know what standards instructors use to grade either. Anyone can fail if it is so disorganized that you don't know what is expected to you and nothing is explained to you. I went running the other direction. I lost the initial deposit, but I know I would have lost alot more had I stayed in the program. I say, "Buyer beware."

I am writing this to possibly help others to go into it knowing more about what they might expect. I also want to protect those that are unaware of what might happen to them. I did not get dismissed or have an altercation with anyone really, I merely felt like I was there to feel a slot so they would get their tuition.

My experience has been similar to the previous posting. the administrative assistant for the EENAP program is not helpful at all. She does not do much to help you, answer your questions and seemed like she is bothered when you ask her something. Very disappointing.

Yes, it was not a good experience even the brief time I dealt with them during orientation. :mad: I was accepted at another school for the RN, but it was a two year program. I really wanted to get my BSN and do it quickly. But I just was not comfortable with the way things were done at this school from the very beginning. I didn't trust that it would be that much different when I started the program, so I decided not to go. Of course, I lost my deposit and was told I could not defer either to the next year.

I believe that if you are risking your livelihood by quitting your job and spending so much money to do this program, you need a little more support than that. I decided to go step-by-step to my graduate degree and be able to learn with less pressure. The pace was going to be insane. About 12-15 chapters per week, plus on-line courses, writing papers on top of the labs and clinicals. There was going to be no time to have a life let alone sleep. :crying2: I just hope I can get my NP before the requirements (if they do) change to the DPN. It will be tight or I may not make it at all.

Also reading comments from new graduates, it doesn't seem to be a guarantee that you will bet a job write away with no experience. At least not now. I figure in a few years it may get easier when the economy improves :)