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I'm 2 semesters from applying to SCC's RN program.. I have a couple more pre reqs to complete but I plan on completing them by the end of this years fall term (dec.). Then I have to apply in april 2010, what are my chances? I've had all A's in gen psych, english, microbio,sociology,humanities and all the other really basic stuff. I haven't taken any anatomy but I had a college professor who also worked at my high school to teach a&p and I've never learned more in my life, so I'm not worried.

I heard that there is technically no waiting list, just you're in or your out.. is that true?

How many seats are available for the day program?

Please just share any of your experiences

Thanks in advancee


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HI! I applied to SCC for the spring of 09 and did not get in, but at the beginning of this month I applied to SCC for the 2nd time. I am patiently waiting for a response :) For the 1st app, I did not have my prereqs or A.A. completed but I am now completely finished with my A.A. and all required classes. That (from what I have heard over and over) is exactly what they are looking for. It is very unlikely that someone get in if they apply while they are still in those prereq classes. HOWEVER, in order to get used to the application process, I would go ahead and apply as soon as you are able. Also, have you taken your TEAS yet? I hear that they put a lot of weight on your TEAS scores. I have taken it twice now to get the best score possible. But keep in mind that you have to wait 30 days before taking it a second time. Make sure you go to the informational session and that attendance is only good for one year. I would just focus on doing really well in those science classes. DR. Huymayun is the BEST A & P teacher!

Good luck, don't get discouraged!

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