Anyone see the movie last night about the start of AA and Al-Anon?


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I watched it with my kids and husband and was more than moved. It was a great way to end the weekend, seeing as I finished up my 5th step and moved onto Steps 6 and 7. It was really amazing seeing the first few parts of the Big Book come to life in a visual sense and I thought the movie was well done. Winona Ryder did a good job playing Bill W's wife and showed how frustrating and relentless it is be the other half of an addict/alcoholic's life. I loved seeing how AA came about and even more, how Al-Anon was born. Seeing Bill W talk about his spiritual awakening/experience in the hospital and his wife speak of her resentment about why wasn't her love enough to keep her sober was really moving for me. I was so happy to be able to watch it with my children and husband as well. When seeing how he couldn't keep himself from drinking, even after they lost everything and how he kept proming that every drink was the last one, etc. they would ask why he couldn't stop and it really opened up lines of communication with them. I hope some of you had a chance to see this movie and even though it was more about how Al-Anon came about, it was about Alcoholics Anonymous in general and in the end, hearing Winona read the 12 steps as the movie came to a close filled me with such a sense of gratitude and peace, I woke up this morning and felt more spiritual than ever. :D


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Yes, I watched it. It was very moving. A great movie!