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im a peds nurse with a little over a year experience. I’ve always wanted to help those who are abused, and I do see it on my floor from time to time just from the culture of peds. I signed up to do SANE training in January, is anyone a SANE nurse? Is there anything per diem or volunteer I could do with this? It’s something I’d love to know more about! 

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It takes a special nurse to care for the pediatric patient.  Im glad you are following your passion.  The SANE peds course will be a great starting point.  Before you can actually do SANE exams, its recommended that you are a nurse for 2 years.  Every county and hospital is different.  Find your local SART team or CPT (Child Protective Team) in your area and find out if they are hiring.  In the mean time, there is so much you can assess for your patients.  Injuries, Pattern marks etc.  

Good luck with your SANE Peds course in January. 


Yes, there are many opportunities to do Per Diem work since most SANE nurses work on-call/Per Diem. There are not a lot of programs that are fully staffed with FT forensic nurses around the clock like other hospital units (Tele, MS, ICU, etc.). Most programs have 24/7 coverage but that coverage is based on on-call shifts, not on-site staffing. Some programs have partial on-site or in-house staffing but the rest of the coverage is Per Diem/on-call. I originally started with a program that was actually fully staffed with in-house forensic nurses, and it still is to my knowledge, but the program I'm with now we only hire Per Diem for on-call shift coverage. We also have volunteers that help with other aspects of our program but we do not have any volunteer SANE nurses for exams. There are some programs out there, especially in rural areas or smaller states that have SANE programs that are staffed by volunteer nurses that also work on-call to cover when a case comes in. So the opportunities are out there, you just have to know where to look.

Good luck on your training!

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