Anyone Recently Bridge to RN in Florida as a California Student?

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Hello! I know operation nightingale is going on right now where the CA board of nursing has put a pause on all endorsement licenses from Florida to California. (I personally called the CA board last week and they told me this over the phone). 

But I know there are seemingly legit programs like ICHS international college of health sciences, and PCI premiere international college.

Does anyone know if or how these schools will be affected? I mean these schools make you do all the work and attend all the clinicals in Florida, so they are legit.

Anyone have more information on either school or similar?

I'm looking for virtual schools (all pre-reqs for CA boards done at community college in CA) as the RN ones are too impacted with years long waitlists.

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My guess is that there are a lot of states looking at any Florida school, as it appears there may have been excessively lax oversight. One rotten apple (or in this case several) will spoil the bunch. 

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