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Anyone received acceptance letter to KSU?

by cape3 cape3 (New) New

I have applied to Kennesaw for Spring 08. Has anyone heard anything yet? I was told Aug. The cut off to apply for summer 08 is Aug. 31. Stressing here!! I am an LPN, but trying to get my BSN. Taking Micro and Chem 2 this sem.

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Hi there! I'm a KSU alumnae! Wishing you lots of luck with getting into the program! I've got great memories from the program, and miss my professors. There will be ebbs and flows like any plan of study, but overall you'll have a great time.

They probably had a lot of applicants and are still working through it. Hang in there! I applied for Summer 08 and I'm counting down the days until I know for sure whether or not I've been accepted. I applied for the accelerated program.


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I just got my letter for Spring 08. I will be in the Accelerated program - I'm excited, but I've heard it's alot of work.


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To those of you who have been accepted to the accelerated program-

what are your stats like? (overall GPA, prereq GPA, etc.)

I read on here that they look at the 7 best grades out of your 12 prereqs but I'm not sure I believe that...

My undergrad GPA is low--around a 3.2--but I'm hoping for all A's in my prereqs (except for English 1102 which I took freshman year and made a B... I wasn't very motivated!)


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I'll try to give you as much information as I can.... I have anthropology/sociology degree.

I took ENG1101 and 1102 and I got my bachelor's in FL....I made A- in both

I took Calculus - C

Statistics I - A- and Statistics II - B+

Sociology - A

The other prereqs I took at a community college here in GA

Principles of Chem I - B, made an A in the Lab

Principles of Chem II - B (I chose not to take Survey of Chemistry), made a C in the lab

Anatomy I - A, Anat I Lab - A

Anatomy II - A, Anat II Lab - A

Microbiology - A, Lab - A

Psychology Intro - A

Human Growth and Development - A

My overall gpa for my bachelor's was a 3.7. However, my overall GPA for the prereqs is lower...I think it's in the 3.5 to 3.6 range.

I took the TEAS and had a 98th percentile. Then they called me in for an interview.

Now, I've talked to others who are in the nursing program now and one girl had a 2.8gpa but had a 95th percentile on her TEAS. So, I'm not really sure what weight they put on the TEAS, GPA, and interview. But this was also someone who was in the regular BSN program, so their requirements might be slightly different.

Good luck!!


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Thanks diosa! Your post was very helpful. I hadn't been thinking about the TEAS... I test well, so I just need to finish those pre-reqs to brush up on my science. Here's to nursing school, May 2009!!

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