Anyone re-considering because of DNP?


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Is anyone re-considering their NP/MSN plans due to the development of the DNP?

I plan on starting a FNP program this summer. The more I read about the DNP the more I am unsure of my decision. Although MSN-NPs will be grandfathered in I have heard that reimbursement may become limited for the MSN-NP therefore essentially requiring NPs to obtain the DNP.

My employer offers an on-site, completely paid for MSN in education or administration and that is looking better all the time.

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The thought never crossed my mind to change my course. I graduate in 10 months and will take things as they arise. No point in worrying about it right here and now. I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

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I wonder why some think that reimbursement will be an issue. Current rules in obtaining an NPI number for NP's state that a MS degree in nursing is required. If the rules changed that a DNP will be required to obtain an NPI number, current NP's who already have NPI numbers do not need to reapply for a new one just because the minimum educational requirement changed, don't they?

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It would be extremely difficult to expect every single NP out there to advance to DNP simply for reimbursement. That would be thousands upon thousands of students seeking the extra degree. Not a valid reason to drop out of school, IMO.

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