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I am currently taking pre-reqs to get into the OHSU nursing program. I am wondering if I should go to one of the community colleges instead to get my associates degree? This would leave me having to get the bridge of classes if I want to go on to get my masters.

Has anyone on here gone to OHSU? What about PCC, Clark, Mt. Hood? I would really like to hear any thoughts on the education options here.



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I'm currently attending PCC. I applied to OHSU, PCC, and Mt. Hood nursing programs. PCC has a lottery for the nursing program so you may not get in even if you have a high GPA. Mt. Hood is based on point system. My aunt went to PCC and she liked the program but it took her 2yr. to get in. PCC stoped accepting apps. already but Mt. Hood accepts them untill FEB. 15 at 5:00. You can download the app. off their web site. Hope that helps :)



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Thanks for the reply. I am not going to be applying until 2004, but wanted to know what the options are out there. Being a male with a good GPA, I am really hoping that I get into OHSU. I have heard that they pretty much accept all male applicants if they qualify.


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Clark is a good school, offers tuition reciprocity to Oregon residents...don't know what the wait is to get in (instructor shortage), has a high GPA requirement & will forecast your program to bridge.


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allo there! I have one thing for you to consider....I went through an ADN program because the bridge program I was going into offered the ADN-MS option, although the more i consider moving from this area, the less my options are since less schools offer this bridge option than a BSN-MS completion.

Just something for you to think about, if you plan on moving anytime soon, of if you want to. i dont know what you plan on getting your master's in, so there may be more options for your program of choice.

If i choose to stay here and go to the school I intended to originally i will be overall happy because I am able to work as an RN already, gaining experience and good wages * dodges tomatoes * ( at least as far as *I* have ever earned!!!)

good luck!!!---JoY:p

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