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Anyone here from Laporte indiana Hospital?

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by BernieRN BernieRN (Member)

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Howdy to everyone!

Just wondering if anyone is or has recently worked at Laporte Hospital.

I know I have a way to go in Nursing, hoping to start the program in the spring of 08, but was wondering what the working conditions are there.

Do they have a good nurse to patient ratio?

I live in New Carlisle so I could go to work there or Memorial in South Bend. I take care of most of my health issues at Laporte because it is so much easier to get around compared to Memorial (which I think gets worse by the day). I also think everyone I have met there over the years has been so friendly to the patient and I like seeing this. Memorial, although they are "nice", I feel like a number there.

Lastly, how is the pay there? I assume Memorial would pay more because they are huge, but I would still rather be at Laporte.

Thanks for any answers and have a great weekend.


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nursedd2244 has 29 years experience.

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Hi Diana, I am originally from the new carlisle area but moved here to valpo about four years ago. I have been a nurse since 79. When I worked in south bend, Laporte did not have a very good reputation, but from what I have heard in the past few years they have gotten allot better. I never woked there, but it was word of mouth. I still keep in touch with friends from the area and I still have property in hudson lake. Good luck with your studies.

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Kidrn911 has 12 years experience and specializes in Peds ED, Peds Stem Cell Transplant, Peds.

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I have never worked in Laporte either, I did have a former coworker that did.

She did not good things to say about the hospital either.

I did do a spell at the dive in Michigan City, I suggest to everyone to avoid the dump at all cost if you like your life and quality of living.

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superstockER specializes in ER ICU.

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I haven't worked at LaPorte, but they are now a Magnet hospital, which is a nursing standard for excellence. They used to be quite bad, but they have a lot of cardiac kudo's now and run a Cath Lab, etc. They are getting bigger and better.

I have worked on Memorial of South Bend's ER team/Trauma team. I think they are some of the most skilled people (nurses/docs/ancillary) but they are not immune from the social issues within staff that every other place I've ever worked has had. It is a larger hospital with more specialty floors and more high-profile cases and you would likely learn more faster, but not necessarily more than anywhere else in the dawn of your career.

I think you will run into disfunction and people issues no matter where you decide to work, and what you get from those experiences will only matter with how you take them. Every place I've worked has had short staffing issues. Every floor at every hospital won't take their admissions fast enough and the ER can't get rid of them fast enough. No one is nice enough all the time, and everyone gets ****** at times, etc. In the bad environents you will find the most outstanding people with outstanding skills and hopefully you will cling to them and learn the best methods to enjoy your work/career.

All these things apply to every hospital, every floor/unit, etc.

I think right out of school you are going to have the same up-hill battle to establish your way of doing things, so I don't think it will necessarily matter in the beginning 1-2 years of work.

PM me anytime if you would like to know more, or if I can help you in anyway.

Hope this helps! :clown:

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AfloydRN has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ ICU.

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I just recently worked there and let me tell you " Magnet" is not all it's cracked up to be. Basically there it means way too many Directors, managers, etc... making peer groups and having meetings all day long. They are FAR from an Acute care hospital. Their ER is so " busy" that I have only seen one patient in the waiting room. Educational reimbursement is a huge facade. Their pay= not so hot. Benefits= joke. I would avoid like the plague. I have seen smaller rural community hospitals with better technology and nursing staff. Just my opinion.....

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