Anyone know about The Children's Institute - Pittsburgh, PA


Hi! I know this is a long shot, but I am a psych RN and I am looking to transition to Pediatrics. I have an upcoming interview at The Children's Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. I wanted to see if anyone out there works there or has ever worked there, or even has any knowlege of the facility. Thanks in advance!!

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Sorry no reply sooner. Hope it went well for you. I hear its a good place to work.


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I've been working on a rehab/skilled care unit in LTC for seven months and have a second interview tomorrow at the Institute. I went to an open house/job fair for nurses they recently had about a week ago; all applicants were offered interviews on the spot. I hit off really well with the interviewer, so I'm going in tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited but also nervous since I have few experience with children (unless I count my time as an after-school tutor for a couple of semesters and babysitting, volunteering); however, I love working with all individuals -- adults and children -- with special needs.

What is the work atmosphere like? Do staff generally get along with each other (ie, nurses with other nurses, nurses and CNAs, nurses with physicians and interdisciplinary staff, etc)? With my small amount of pediatric experience, would I even have a shooting chance for the position?


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Did you take the job there? i was there for school and while getting my BSN my friend worked there with the Prader Willi children. She liked it a lot, but however does not work there any more. I believe she was there for 3 years. I was there before and worked with autistic children and had a tour of the facility, it is a nice place and it seems easy enough to get to from the parkway. The teachers and staff seemed very helpful and patient and CARED about the children. It is an unbelievable place!