Anyone know of maternal/infant careplan websites?

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I'm in my OB rotation and I was wondering if anyone has found a site where they list nursing diagnoses and careplans for maternal/infant nursing. I know there's a good book for this, but I'm cheap and I don't want to buy a $40 book for a rotation that I'm only in for a few weeks!

Any suggestions?

amy :)


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Thought I'd share this link to my ultimate careplan constructor site. Every medical malady you can imagine is covered here. The list should give you some great care plan ideas, especially if you look under "P" for pregnancy.

Hope this helps.


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I'm not sure about websites, I was looking for the same thing. Our school library has careplan books specifically for maternal-child nursing. Check your school library and search for maternal care plan, there were at least 2 or 3 at my school. They have the interventions and rationales nicely listed too.


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Oh my gosh, that website is awesome! That was exactly what I was looking for. The same nifty info that would be in a book without spending the $$. Thank you so much!

amy :)

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