Anyone know who is hiring New Grad's who have passed NCLEX in Atlanta

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Hi, I just graduated from a nursing program in Alabama, passed NCLEX and I was wondering if anyone knows who is hiring in Atlanta or surrounding area?? Any help that you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated, I was thinking of getting a Georgia license but I didnt want to do that before I knew what the outlook was for new grads! Thanks.


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if you live in atlanta and know were the hospital are located get dresses for an interview and hit the pavement. go to the hr departments and ask to speak with the nursing recruiters. take with you copies of your resume and attempt to leave one in the hands of a rn recruiter. believe it or not you may find an unexpected interview or two. try atlanta medical and grady. best of luck:yeah:!!!!


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Try Northeast Georgia Medical Center up in Gainesville, Ga. They jsut opened a whole new North tower. Give it a try.



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i just graduated and passed nclex in georgia and know several classmates that are having trouble finding a job. i did my practicum hours (all 225 of them!) in the ER at northeast ga in gainesville and applied for a job but they did not hire me. that's with internal references from the nurses i worked with! they did open a new tower but they also closed a nearby campus as well so all those people are being moved to the actual hospital campus...not to discourage you but it might be hard to get hired there. i know five or six students that did their practicum somewhere at northeast and they only hired one...and i think she had more connections in the hospital. anyway, just so you're not discouraged down the road...

i hear north fulton hospital is still hiring and maybe emory eastside?? otherwise i can't really help except to tell you that northeast is super picky. good luck!!!


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ughh that really stinks!! Thanks everyone for the feedback.


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From my experience, youre best to stay where you are to get experience and then move here. I'm also a new grad, and have been searching for positions here for the past 8ish months and will probably have to move due to lack of new grad jobs. Most all positions want at least 2 years of experience :( Good luck.

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