Anyone know about GWU online courses???


Hey, Please Help! Does anyone know about GWU's accelerated BSN program in terms of their extensive ONLINE GRAD COURSES as part of their undergrad accel.BSN program? Has anyone recently graduated from their and wish to share their experiences??? Information is much appreciated in this regard, as well as clinical experiences.



GWU's accelerated BSN just started in Fall 2009. I checked the website and did not find any information about that the online grad courses as part of the ABSN.

I live in the DC area and do not know anyone who was admitted to GWU. I know someone who went to and she LOVE it! she praises it! you may want to check out Georgetown as well.


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Thanks for your post! Yeah, I am certain about the several online/grad level courses as part of the accelerated secon-degree BSN, but they are not really disclosing this info. directly but as you look carefully at the courses offered 1-2 are online after the first session, including a research one. I also called to confirm this, but just wanted to hear from an actual student who went through it last year.

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