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Hey there everyone... I'm new to this website and the whole nursing career in general! I am a second semester freshman nursing major in NJ. I'm working hard to get chosen for a position of Patient Care Tech at a nearby hospital. If I'm hired, they will train me in everything, so I don't have to worry about lack of clinical experience...

Here's the thing though: I've only been through one interview in my 18 years. It was simple and definitely not as serious as this one will be. I should be called in after Spring Break.

The amount of determination I have to get this job is enormous, because I've heard that it helps tremendously with later nursing courses and clinicals. I really want/need this job!

My love for nursing and medicine is completely genuine, so answering questions about that part isn't difficult... it's keeping my cool and calm that I'm worried about :o . What kinds of things do they ask you during interviews like these? This job is so important to me... I just don't want to mess up... :eek:

Can anyone give me tips on how to do well at this interview? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated...

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Define patient care techs please...never heard of it here, but I will admit that they may exist here, I just never heard the term...sounds PC for orderly or CNA to me...

Define patient care techs please...never heard of it here, but I will admit that they may exist here, I just never heard the term...sounds PC for orderly or CNA to me...

Patient care techs are similar to nurse's aides... I guess shadow nursing too. I'm not sure of what else to call it - that's just the title that I know of here.

Specializes in Education, Acute, Med/Surg, Tele, etc.

Interesting..sounds like a part CNA part Nursing that sounds pretty cool...can certainly see why you would like to follow this route. In fact, I tell all my CNA's that wish to be nurses (and other non medics) to shadow a nurse so they can really truely see if this is what they want to invest in!!! Sounds cool!

With all new jobs or even new adventures (as I like to call it) you will start out a little either gunshy or overly excited eager beaver...that is part of the learning experience! You will be nervous, you will have sweaty palms, you will stumble on words and go "doh why did I say that"...we all do! Just try some good relaxation techniques before interview, and focus on why you want it...pick ONE thing and keep that in your mind as the "goal". That helps me a bunch..I am a talker when nervous and have shot my own foot before in interviews..LOL!

Now that I have experience doing it...just as in all things...I am more relaxed and confident in myself...but that takes experience no matter what field, what job, what interview, or even what life throws at you in general!

Another awesome thing to do is write down your questions! Get a briefcase and have copies of you resume, contacts, dates and phonenumbers you need, fancy pens, and a thank you card for after the interview stamped and ready to go!

After the interview...go to a local coffee shop or even just in your car and write a thank you letter with one to two of the things you discussed and thank them using those as a guide! ONLY PICK POSITIVE issues...this will be your last statement before they make a choice so make it positive! Then mail it right then and there!!! They will get it fast and think "wow, that was quick" and "they really must really want this...they sent a thank you letter!". TRUST ME!

Believe in yourself, try to watch any fidgeting during the interview (I noticed I moved my ankle during interviews..just slightly but it could be noticed...I had to stop that..LOL! And Lord don't give me a clicky pen...oh brother click click click...LOL!).

Dress appropriately and don't wear black or red as a main color. I find earthy tones help positive attitudes and help relax both involved.

Good luck to you..hope you get it! I think it would be a great way to actually "SEE" nursing and see if this is for you before you get too involved money and time wise! Also..don't forget the vast amounts of other areas of medicine...they can be wonderfully fitting as well ;).

Thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!! Your advice is wonderful... thanks for all the tips! :bow: :chuckle

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