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Anyone have Kathy White Fast Facts for Iphone?


Specializes in ICU, Cardiac.

Was trying to decide whether to buy the updated book or buy the app for Iphone and was wondering if anyone has bought the Iphone app?

Do you like it or would you rather have had it in the book form?


ObtundedRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care. Has 6 years experience.

I don't have it for the iPhone, but I have the book. I actually just got an email this morning from their website, letting me know that they just released an updated electronic version.

I personally like the book. I do have my phone with me at work (on airplane mode), but I don't think I would use the fast facts as much if I had it on the phone. There is actually a lot of information crammed into that book, and its much easier to flip to the section you need, and then find the page you're looking for. I think trying to find it on the small iPhone screen would take twice as long.

Either way, it is a great resource. So whatever you pick, i'm sure you'll be happy with your purchase.