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:) Good evening! I have a computer information systems background and I have one more year to complete my R.N. studies. I have been told that Nursing Informatics is the "way to go" I have done a few studies and talked to several nurses about this and I have compiled little information. I know that now is the time for me to build a solid foundation in my nursing practice, but my long term goal will hopefully combine my love of technology and creativity with the science of healthcare. If there is anyone "browsing" the pages right now and is interested in chatting with me about this subject, please email me!




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You chose not to get e-mails through your profile so you will have to get replies here unless you change it. I have been an ICU nurse for 11 years and I have also done some work in nursing informatics (I co-ordinated the introduction and training in a workload measurement system in my hospital). I definately believe you need some experience in hospital before you start into informatics. You need to understand what it is like at the bedside. Nursing informatics involves teaching these nurses to incorporate computers into their work and you need to be able to see it from their point of view. If you are interested in technology while nursing, there are many areas that offer this. ICU and Dialysis are very technical and I am sure there are many other areas depending on your hospital. Just my two cents worth.:D

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