has anyone heard of or been to middlesex cc in mass.

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I am going to middlesex community college in lowell mass next year for their rn adn program and was wondering if anyone has heard good or bad info about this school. Also if anyone has attended there or knew someone who went there. I need any info I can get. Thanks for your time.


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The college,located in Lowell, is north of Boston within a community that has seen better days. It once was a thriving Mill town. Just off of 495, it is approx. 35 miles north of Boston. A short hop north to New Hampshire, it shares the harsh winters of Northern New England.

The advantage of the location would be its proximity to the teaching hospitals of Boston, as well as the numerous universities. Boston itself is a great city to be a student, but the trip from Lowell to Boston is quite a hike unless you have access to a car.

Even when it is not snowing, it can be bitter cold.


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Thanks for the info :)

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