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Anyone Have a Favorite Planner or Cheat Sheet? What To Study Before School Starts?

Starting nursing school in January, OMG! I am so excited. I also want to go in as prepared as I possibly can. I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on your favorite planners/organizers or cheat sheets/mnemonic aids. I have seen several on Amazon and I am just wondering if any of these are actually helpful or worth it! I have heard a lot about the "UnCalendar".

Also, is there anything I should be studying/learning before the first day? I do know that when we register they tell us what to read out of the textbook, but if there is anything else I should do, please tell me! I have all my notes from my A&P and Microbiology classes still. I am nervous because those pre-reqs were completed last year and the year before so I have not been exposed to an anatomy class or anything like that in 2 years.

If you search this site for "first semester nursing," you'll find a lot of advice. I just got accepted into a program, too. It's exciting, but freaky at the same time!

As far as advice from this site, the biggest takeaway I've seen was to "relax and enjoy what little time you have left." Yea right! I wish I could relax!

Instead of relaxing, I've filled up my Amazon wish list with all sorts of stuff. So far, I have waterproof shoes, a digital wrist watch that counts seconds, a couple different stethoscope options, a hemostat, trauma shears, a penlight, and almost all of next semester's textbooks -they're just sitting there on my Amazon list, ready & waiting to go. I've been told to buy all of my books instead of renting them. I'm skeptical, but doing it. Also, I want to deduct sll of these things from my 2017 taxes, so I won't be ordering until January 1st.

I did have to buy the book Calculate with Confidence already, though, because my class will have a test over dosage calculations on the first day.

As far as what you could be doing with your time now, there are a lot of Scholarships for nursing that have November 30th deadlines. I wish I could list all the scholarships I've found, but there's been too many. You'll find em.

I hope some of this helps save you some time. Good luck next semester!

Read a book. Enjoy the sunshine (while it's still there), enjoy your family and friends at your own leisure. Lol.

-As for preparation. Review your anatomy and physiology a little bit if you feel a little rusty.

-Practice/learn dimensional analysis for dosage calc!

-Figure out a scheduling medium that works well for you to keep organized! (I prefer writing my whole month as a list. :))

-Figure out the best way you learn (auditory, kinesthetic, visual, or a mix!)

-Write a daily plan, or make a daily schedule (make sure to schedule in breaks, lunches, and SLEEP!)

I hope that helps!


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