Anyone in the Greenville, NC area?

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Hi, all!

Hubby and I are considering a move to NC (probably Greenville area) and I'm trying to do a little preliminary checking. Is anyone out here from the area, or has anyone visited? Anything would be helpful: job prospects, pay rates, crime rates, schools, neighborhoods, cultural stuff, etc etc.

Thanks in advance!



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I lived there for about a year. I PM'ed you.


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Never lived there, but dated a guy from there and visited frequently:

Has a major college - East Carolina

Pretty large town with most anything you could need.

30-40 minutes from the beach.:cool:

Pretty remote area surrounding the town, so if you like the small town life you could live in one of the smaller towns like Farmville next to it and drive 20 minutes to work in the city.

Not the prettiest part of our state (Mostly swampy).

You'll have to fight a lot of college grads for jobs with ECU in town.

ECU is a "Party" school so be prepared for "partying" students.

I've never know it to have a high crime rate like Durham does.

ECU does have one of the best music, art & theater programs in the state so the town should have a fair amount of culture.

Hope this helps!

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I live in NC, the Winston-Salem area. I love the area. The schools are good and the pay for most occupations is above average. Nursing pays about 17.50 per average starting pay for RNs and around 14.00 for LPNs.

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I PM'd you!! :)


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Greenville, NC is located about an hour to an hour and a half from the coast. It has a large level one trauma center - Pitt County Memorial Hospital. PCMH serves the entire eastern region of the state and has a top notch heart center - recently named in the top one hundred hospitals for cardiovascular. PCMH is currently seeking Magnet Hospital Status. Base pay rates are the same as the Raleigh area(which has a much higher cost of living); however, shift differentials are not as good. Don't think you'll have to worry about fighting ECU grads for jobs, there are plenty to go around.

Greenville is a reasonable town with lots of shopping centers and a couple of malls. There is small town living nearby. Greenville is about an hour and a half from Raleigh where you will find lots of shopping, activities, ballgames and cultural events.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.


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I have worked at Pitt County Memorial Hospital, which is located in Greenville, NC. Let me warn you, the only decent units in the hospital are the cardiac units--step downs and ICU's. AVOID the medical-surgical units (whether general medical-surgical or step down's) LIKE THE PLAGUE. This hospital also has a very high recidivism rate among its nursing staff. Very high stress environment, lots of silly demands and rules, LOTS of red tape, endless forms, and a bureaucracy that rivals the federal government. Charting is a nightmare and takes up valuable time away from patient care. Can be very anal, and right now everyone is on edge, as the hospital is going through the throes of an impending JCAHO visit.:rolleyes:


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I will PM you...


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Sorry wrong side of the country for me and didn't even go over there when traveling but I probably should have :p

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