Anyone gotten into nursing programs at UNCC, Queens University, or App State?

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Hey guys! I'm a pre-nursing student right now and am in the process of sending in my first wave of applications to nursing schools. So far, I've applied to UNCC's School of Nursing for January 2012. I've heard it's VERY competitive and just wanted to see if any of you have gotten in there and if so, what were your GPAs? If I don't get in there for spring, I am planning to apply to App State and the ABSN at Queens, so I'd also be interested in hearing from any nursing students at those schools - what are your GPAs/teas test scores, etc?




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Hi jlw310, I'm a student at CPCC and I'm finishing up pre reqs this year to apply for UNCC's SON Fall 2014.. I was just wondering if you ended up getting accepted or not? Either way I'm wondering if you mind telling me what your GPA was when you applied and if you had any of the other application considerations? I'm just wondering if my application will be competitive enough.