has anyone gone/doing the lpn to RN route at Jeff State


Just curious,

I cannot seem to get into the RN program at Jeffstate with 180 pts. Has anyone decided to go the route of LPN then doing a mobility program after working for a few months...or whatever the requirement is???


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I hope that you get some responses to your posting because I am wondering the same thing! In my case I need to get out and be earning a paycheck as soon as possible and then hope to go back after a few years to a mobility program. Also, does anyone know of any other LPN program in the Birmingham area besides Jeff St? From what I understand, the LPN program is only offered at the Jefferson campus and that would be quite a commute for me as I live in Shelby county.


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no one has responded yet..but I think Herzing college may have a LPN program. On the website they have some kind of "diploma" nurse program listed and a LPN to RN program listed. I tried to call last week and played phone tag with the advisor. Hopefully I will get in touch with her this week. However It is my understanding that at Jeff State you do 3 semesters for the LPN then later have to complete a additional 3 to get your RN. Herzing website says 12 months for the LPN to RN program.

Wonder how much new grad LPN's make in the area hospitals...I figure at least you could works as a LPN some while you are finishing your RN. I need a paycheck too!!

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