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Anyone gone through the Cal State Fullerton or Dominguez Hills program


Hi I was just wondering if anyone went through any of these RN to BSN program and did they like them? I am in San Diego and I know that the Dominguez Hills program is completely onlne vs the Cal State Fullerton program which is half online and half in a classroom setting at a classroom at the Kaiser campus.

Any info would be great (=

I met several Cal State Dominguez Hills RN to BSN on line students at a conference last year. They were bright and spoke well of their program leading to PHN too.

Their professor was Cynthia Johnson RN, PHN, PhD.

I started the CSU Fullerton program Spring '05, Feb 1. The university is in partnership with St. Joseph (sites at St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, and Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo) - the O.C. sites in addition to Kaiser. Classroom attendance is one fixed day a week, from 2pm - 6:30 pm (in this case) - Kaiser was another day. I personally find the classroom model stimulating because of the interactive fellowship and bonding that comes from being with other RN's and diversity.

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