Anyone go the LPN-bridge route at PHCC??


I am going to apply for both the LPN and RN, I think. My reason being is that I have a low GPA and a lower TEAS than I think is able to elevate my low GPA. So, if all things are equal, wouldn't it stand to reason that it's easier to get into the bridge program than the 2 year RN program?

The bridge seats 72 students and is ONLY open to LPNs (either currently working or who have just completed the LPN schooling) How many students apply for the bridge? That is the question. Conversely, the RN program seats just 48 students, with I think around 3-400 applying. Those are sucky odds!

Any advice or BTDTs?? TIA!!!


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I am applying to the RN program and the LPN program on both the West and North Campuses. I am a

non-traditional (OLD) student and would prefer to start a program in the Fall than hold out for the RN program. My grades are good, depending on my A&P grade this semester and my TEAS Score is pretty good too, although I am going to retake it in a few weeks. I just want the best chance possible to be in a "any" nursing program in the fall.