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I'm an English psych nurse and I will be emigrating to Orlando. I'm trying to find where the psych hospitals are, in and around Orlando so I can apply for any vacancies there might be.

Also, a personal question if you don't mind..... what is the salary like for psych nurses? I am a trained RN and have specialised in psych for 12 years. I'm making approximately the equivalent of $22,000 a year here, is that about normal in America for someone who has been qualified for 16 years with a specialty?




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Hi Moley,

Although I live in Florida, I'm on the west coast (about 2.5 hours from Orlando). I'm quite sure that you will be earning more than $22K here, how much exactly I'm not sure. Florida doesn't pay as well as many of the other states. In some instances the Cost of living is less, but not all...just be aware. In the hospital I hope to work in, right now they start at @$17/hour...I guess about $35.

In my last job up north in NY, I worked in the Dept of Psych as a medical secretary. My supervisor was a psych RN and he was the greatest...I miss him and it was because of him, I've decided to go into nursing.

Good luck and unless you are really set on Orlando, you should check out the Sarasota/Bradenton area. I'd be glad to help you in anyway I can.



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BTW, if you want to PM, please do...I'll be glad to answer any other questions you may have.


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I lived in Florida until about 8 years ago.

The pay rates are poor by US standards but you should make more than 22,000 in Florida, unless you go to work in an office. I don't know much about psych specifically.

Feel free to contact me by PM. I spent some time in Cornwall as a child.



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Thank you very much for your replies. We will definately be living in Orlando. Although I am a qualified RN here in England I have to take another exam in order to work as a RN in the USA.

I am currently studying for this in addition to learning Spanish which I'm told will be useful.

Thanks for your help.


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