Anyone finish with pre-reqs this semester?


I am ecstatic that my pre-reqs are done! I have to take the NLN-PAX exam on June 13th; which I can't lie, I definitely am having some anxiety over. I should find out by late June early July if I am accepted into my schools program. On a side note, I was invited by my Professor to attend the graduating nursing class' pinning last night, it was so inspirational and reassured me no matter how hard the struggle this is exactly what I want to do =] Did anyone else complete their pre-req journey this semester? And if you took the PAX how did you prepare for it?


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Hi, I'm almost done with my pre-req's. All I have left is A&P2 and Speech in the Fall. I'm applying for the nursing program in Sept for spring admission. I'm scheduled to take the PAX July 6th. How did yours go? I'm so nervous about the math part! I'm so terrible at math! Hopefully you did well!

I have one prereq left for my BSN, which is foundations of nursing practice and I am taking it right now.

PAX was not easy, especially the math part for me I ran out of time and took quite a few guesses. My best advice would be to time yourself when practicing to get the hang of it. There are 80 English ques, 54 math, and 80 science you have an hour for each section. I got an overall composite score of 133, 83 eng 62 math and 98 science. Hope it is engough to get me a seat in the program!! Good luck to you, if you have the review book I reccomend doing all the practice exams front to back!!! Also learn to speed read a lot of ppl ran out of time on the English portion, I managed to finish the English session with 20 mins to spare so I went back and checked over some answers I wasn't 100% sure of.