Anyone from FCC's nursing program?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Hi, I am going to be taking the nursing program at Frederick Community College next fall. I am super excited, but also terrified about the particular subject of students practicing on each other. First off, I am a little heavyset (5' 7" 150 lbs) and I am embarased to show my belly. Though I am dieting so that I can slim down before school. Secondly, I have old scars on my back and legs and arms that are from an infection when I was younger. I would love to know anything anything about what students practice on each other and what I should mentally prepare for, and how much of my body I can keep covered throughout the program, or what I will simply have to grit my teeth and bear.

Thanks so so much to anyone who can tell me anything!

Hey Kitkat1212!

I'm a pre-nursing student at FCC and I applied for the nursing program for fall 2014. This is what I think, but since I'm not in the nursing program yet I don't know for sure...I think that nursing students mainly practice things like taking vitals on each other, and practice doing things like "full" head-to-toe assessments, IVs, and catheters on models/mannequins. When I walk past the nursing classrooms that's what I see the students practicing on. But if you feel uncomfortable doing anything, you could always let the instructor know. I'm sure a majority of students wouldn't feel comfortable taking off their clothes to be practiced on! ;)

I hope this helps!

I sure hope you are right! I am very anxious to start the clinical portion of school, and this was one of my main concerns.. Thanks for your reply :)

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