Anyone Familiar wit the Wyoming Hospitals?

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I would appreicaiate any feedback you could offer about the facilities in Wyoming, especially Cheyenne. I am looking at relocating there and would like to get an idea of what to look out for.

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Hi! I saw your post and thought I would share what information I have.

My husband is military and we were stationed in Cheyenne for 3.5 years.

We left there in 1998 and I worked at the only hospital there. It is called

United Medical Center.. they have east and west buildings, which are about

10 minutes from one another.

The east building if I remember correctly is mainly mental health and a

rehab (strokes, MVAs etc) The west building is where I worked, it isnt a

large hospital but was a great place to work. I worked there as a nurse

assistant while attending college. The floors arent large by any means.

They has a tele floor, small step down and small ICU. I worked on the ortho/neuro floor and I think it was right at 18 beds. The peds area was

right across from us and it was very small.

I can say I loved the people and the atmosphere. I was only there a year,

but it was so hard to leave such a great nursing team! I cant think of anything else to share. I do remember they were doing some add-ons to the hospital...parking garage and I am not sure what else.

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for info wise..but I hope it helped a little. I loved Cheyenne even though it is in the middle of nowhere, the town is nice sized..but not too small. The schools were great and the weather crazy. I'm in southwestern IL now so its an adjustment :)

Best of luck to you!


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Thank you Channa! yes.. that helps a great deal... I am in Rawlins and plan to move over to Cheyenne soon hopefully. I have been commuting to Denver to work. Great moeny but the commute! ya know? lol

Thanks again!


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