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Anyone with Experience Working at UCSF or CPMC in San Francisco?

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by nocturncal nocturncal (Member)

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Hey all,

I've looking to move into the bay area, and two hospitals have been on my radar: UCSF and CPMC.

UCSF has openings in one of their ICU units. I've worked at UCSF in a non-clinical position in the past, I loved working for the organization, and I have already been offered an ICU position. I've been in that particular ICU specialty for a couple of years. I really enjoy working in that specialty.

At the same time, there are case management positions open at different CPMC campuses. I've been contacted for an interview. I explained this to the UCSF ICU manager, and the manager has been more accommodating and is willing to hold off until my interview at CPMC finishes to allow me time to think and make a decision.

Assuming I am offered a position as a case manager, I am trying to figure out whether I should make the change and take the case manager position or accept the job offer in the ICU.

I've always loved the idea of what case management work entails-- the independence to some extent, coordinating discharges and working with multiple disciplines to plan post-acute care.

My question is: 1) Has anyone worked at either CPMC or UCSF, and what were your impressions on both organizations? Good? Bad? Avoid at all costs?

2) If you're a case manager, how does doing this compare to bedside nursing? My basic thoughts are that I'm really interested/excited being the gate-keeper/organizer in the transition from acute to post-acute care, and the idea where nursing care meets business really peaks my interest.

3) What is the pay like at both facilities? I've looked at UCSF pay scale for bedside nurses, but I don't have a good idea on what the pay is for a new case manager. Do case managers make more/the same/less than bedside nurses in the bay area? How about outside the bay area?

Thanks for all your input

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Wolf at the Door has 7 years experience and works as a Staff RN.

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what did you decide to do? I am going to suggest this for my friend. 

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