Anyone entering the Essex County College RN program in September?

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I have recently been accepted into the Rn program at Essex County College. I am wondering if anyone else here has been accepted, or if anyone is currently in the program and can provide some insight...


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I am applying to the Spring 2010 Nursing program. Great luck to you!!!


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Let me tell you a little something. It is a jungle, some are very disorganized, careless, unprofessional, and some are not experienced (you dont want to be a guinea pig). You will have many surprises, they'll tell you at 8am that theres class at 9am. Make sure you have a flexible job, or an on-call babysitter. Your first nursing semester you will be pampered. Even if you dont see it that way at first you'll remember me in NRS2, they'll baby you. Proffesor Grosso(very proffesional and computer savvy, if you email her at 1 am you'll get a response by 1:30am) is great at answering your questions and making sure you understand things. Gage is good also. When you get to NRS 2, brace yourself. Nothing is in order and they dont care much about the students, they need a certain percentage to fail so that they can have enough seats for NRS3. If you make it out alive put on your seatbelt and carry a parachute cause it only gets worse. ADVICE: read, really read before class, make nursing a priority, study with other students. Clinicals are easy if you like nursing. The library at ECC sucks they close early and are noisy(go figure). Seton hall is the best, they are open 24/5 and students from other schools can stay late. You can go there with other people and stay untill you want, bring food, blankets, red bulls etc. Make sure you get a study group. I didnt do it for NRS 1 but It really helps for NRS 2 and beyond. Good luck!


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Hi Valedy2!

Thanks for sharing the info. I sat for nln in Sept and waiting for the results.


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so am taking the test in september any advise


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Hi Kemmie25

Buy/rent the book called Review guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam. Also check out this thread

What date is your exam? All the best.

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