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Anyone else's school unorganized?

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Just wondering if I'm the only one?

It was bad my first semester, to the point where is would cut into lab practice time because they didn't have the assignments prepared, or all the professors were not on the same page(disagreeing about how to do certain skills).

Then my 2nd clinical roataion I got the times/days 1 1/2 week before they started. Good thing I have an undrstanding boss!

They are also very good at pushing responabilities off on other teachers, "oh well, so and so was suppose to get you that paper"

We got our physical assessment expectations a week(also the same week as our pharm final and med surg final) before check off because no one knew who had it, or what was expected. How can you expect us to be good at our skills if we don't have time to pactice them?

I start my 2nd semester next week and Im just hopeing things go a little smoother, I don't need everything to be cut and dry but to know what I will be doing the next week would be nice so I can prepare and become a good nurse instead of stressing and doing everything last minute.

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nekozuki has 5 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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It's a universal thing. When we were rotating with the health department, sometimes we didn't know which school we'd be doing screenings at until the day before. You didn't know if you'd be driving one mile or fifty miles, so it was very frustrating.

Just consider it a learning experience and exercise in dealing with stress. The stress you're dealing with now will be tenfold once you get into the field. Ever seen nurses scrambling around a med-surg floor like chickens with their heads cut off, taking care of more patients then they can handle with no tech to help? ...Yeah, you need all the practice handling annoying situations that you can get!

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