Anyone else totally burnt out?


I have been a cna for 7 years. I will finally be starting school. In 3days for something completely not health field related. Schooling is going to take a year and a half so I'm stuck doing this for now.

I am so tired of lazy rude nurses and ignorant suck up ( soon to be nurses) cnas.

I am so over being a sitter having tho baby sit grown people who are worthless on this planet because of being drug or alcohol addicted.

Rarely do I get a patient who actually deserves the care of others ( those patients I don't mind)

I hate being suck at work for12 hours dealing with people who I could not possibly care less for.

Does anyone else understand, know where I'm coming from?

I'm so ready to be done pretending to care.

I'm so ready to be done with this job forever.


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Sounds to me like you need to leave. Now before you hurt someone or your self. If you have that attitude (and I'm not saying it's not justified) then it's time for you to leave gracefully before things turn ugly. Everybody gets burned out... nurses, teachers, cops and probably the president too but if you think it's past the point of no return then you need to do what's best for everyone and put on your walking boots.


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Is there some other field you can find a position that pays comparably so that you don't have to stay working as a CNA for another year while you get through school? It sounds like you really need to leave as soon as possible, for yourself, and for those in your care.

Take a leave of absence. It's amazing how 2-3 months away will clear your head and refocus /reset your spirit.


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I've been a CNA for 3 years and i have days where i feel like that. I start doubting nursing vs medicine, hate the job and just crash to sleep when i get home/get a drink in the shower :) We have mental health days we can take if feeling close to burnout.

It passes though, after days off i find i'm missing work, nurses message me if smth interesting happens.

I do agree about worthless on this planet people.. Does that make me horrible? Maybe. Such a waste of resources though, when others desperately need them.

It depends on the environment. Nurses and CNAs i work with are amazing and we are a team. Ofc there are bad cookies out there, but good far outweigh the bad.

I probably wouldn't last 7 years though. I'm bored and my brain is not challenged. I'm glad you are getting out soon, hope you enjoy your studies and future career :D