Anyone else thinking about post-partum units?

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I was thinking about applying for a job on a post-partum floor. I really enjoyed the clinical rotation experience. Any thoughts?


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Thats what I think I want to do at first. I think it would be a great introduction to maternity, and I eventually want to incorporate l&d.

I don't wanna just jump straight into l&d without some good experience doing simpler things. I can just imagine feeling hugely overwhelmed with things like managing paperwork and normal care...Let alone critical care right away...

Post-partum is a great area in itself though...I dont want to make it sound like it has to be a precursor to L&D...

This is all coming from a beginning student, so it is possible I could change my mind. But go for it! Postpartum sounds awesome!


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That's where I'm heading after graduation. I loved working with the newborns and teaching the new moms :)

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