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Anyone else taking Microbiology this semester? Advice and suggestions welcome


Hi all,

I am currently finishing up my pre reqs before I enter nursing school next January. So this semester I am taking Micro. I have heard conflicting reports about how hard/tedious the class is. I have A's in all my sciences so far, but I had to work really hard for them. So I am wondering how you did, or how you found it to be. Any tips or suggestions would be most welcome

queserasera, RN

Has 5 years experience.

The Microbiology 2013 thread below this may help.

I did very well and micro and actually did not find it to be too difficult of a class. I took notes while reading the chapters, made note cards (lots and lots of them) and just spent time with the material. Our teacher commented, and I agree, that students having at A&P 1 and 2 had an easier time in the class. Good luck this semester!

I am taking it this semester as well and so far it's not TOO overwhelming but we haven't even got to the first exam yet. I spent about 2-3 hours making note cards for 2 chapters and I take meticulous notes while in class and that's what I use for my index card material. Also I've found that I'm very much so a visual learner so I look up YouTube videos on everything that I dont quite understand from just reading.

I'm also taking the lab that goes with it, nutrition, and a humanities elective(a music class that is a short semester and a huge pain in my rear end! Lol). Best of luck to you!

I loved it!!! I found it easier than A and P. I have A's in all my science classes and Microbiology has been my favorite.

I loved micro! It was very hands on and I learned a lot of useful information. I got an A!

Thanks everyone for your input. My semester begins tomorrow, and I am very excited. I guess I will be taking a lot of notes, making tons of flash cards and reading. It has been a helpful formula for me so far. Glad to hear you all did well. I am looking forward to the labs the most I think. The labs are where the knowledge is applied and where the concept ...comes to life for me.

I took it in the fall and I absolutely LOVED it. I took a general bio class at the same time, just the science major version of bio 101. I'd even taken the non science major version of bio several years back so a good chunk of it was review, had the same instructor for both classes, and still got a higher grade in microbio. I just found the material and labs so much more interesting. I'm sure you'll do great in it!

I did like spending a little time looking at pictures in google/google images before a lab practical exam. If using google images though, it's important to check the website for picture labeling/text to make sure it's correct. Sometimes I would search for a negative result so I could compare, and the search would still spit back the image of a positive test.

When we studied the immune system, we were referred over to several of the immunology videos on the hand drawn tutorials website (Handwritten Tutorials), which were very helpful to help visualize.

Good luck tomorrow, hopefully you enjoy it just as much!