Anyone else learning the first touch program?


Our hospital is starting to use the first touch program. Our unit was the first to be trained and it has been so successful that the rest of the hospital is using it too. Anyone else using it and how is it working for you? I work in L&D so it is very usefull, it has increased our patient satisfaction scores for our unit, decreased call light use, and made everyone enjoy thier job more by creating a special bond with each patient.

For those of you who don't know what first touch is.....

It's a program designed to get nurses back to the basics of nursing and connect with thier patients in a non-clinical way. It uses a formal hello and goodbye, and reminds you to look and your patients and families as people and not a diagnosis or problem. It take a while to get used to, but once you master it, it is fantastic for both nurse and patient.

Just wanted to see if anyone else is using it and what they think. :)



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Never heard of it. But the principles you describe that are the basis for this program are those I practice already each time I work. It's a no-brainer to me; treat the patients as human beings, not "diseases" or "diagnoses". Sad we need to be reminded....but... I am glad you enjoyed it. It sounds like you really find it works for you!

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We are starting it and will have it rolled out for the whole hospital within a year. I love it. The patients really like to be said goodbye to on my last rounds. They also like to know who is following me- expecially if I tell them a little about the person's personality and talk them up. I can't wait until we are all doing it at once.

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