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It seems in the last several months we have been just inundated with patients and all of our staff has been run ragged. I don't know if this is another spurt like we sometimes have or if insurances are utilizing hh more. I was on call last weekend and had only 3 scheduled visits and one admission on Saturday. I ended up doing the three visits and admission plus one resume, another admission, and 2 prns. I got home at 8pm then had to turn around and go back out an hour away to do another prn. 225 miles, 6 visits, 2 admissions, and one resume plus all of the driving. Luckily nobody called me on Sunday or I might not have been a very empathetic nurse.

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Our agency is swamped. We seem inundated with clients with dementia. I was wondering if anyone was seeing a dramatic rise in this type of client?


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