Anyone else apply to PVCC Nursing?

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App deadline is 2/15 and I guess we hear back by 4/15.

Only other school I applied to was UVA's CNL and did not make the cut.

So it's all or nothing at Piedmont for me now. Just seeing if anyone else out here on AN applied.


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Well, I know it does not look like this thread got much traction, but decision letters went out on Monday and I got in!


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Congrats! I am planning on applying in 2/15. How did you do in your pre reqs? I struggled in A&P1 and am hoping do to better in A&P11 this summer.


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I did very well as did everyone else I know that got in. I got all A's in the "pre-reqs" - Dev psych, the AP sequence, and micro. Took the CLEP for Soc and tested out of the math and ITE 119.

The science classes are not actually pre-reqs. Of course the more you take and the better you do, the better your chances are for getting in.

Just make sure you have your actual pre-reqs taken care of as outlined in the nursing packet - like the high school science classes etc. The nursing director said of the over 400 applications they get each year, more than half of them do not even have the pre-reqs done. That means that if you took all the science classes (micro etc) but didn't have high school chem and bio or the math classes you simply won't get in.

I got into the PVCC program this year! I start Fall 2014, currently finishing my summer semester!

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