Anyone in the ED used EPIC. Go live soon in ED.

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Has anyone used EPIC in the ED. I am a superuser and we go live very shortly. I have only been to two classes and proctored 2 more classes. I don't really feel prepared to be a superuser and was wondering what people think of the system?

We go live in November, I am very interested to read the replies!

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We just switched to this. I don't like the I's and O's or the blood admin features but I like it over all. Good luck!

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Been using it for almost 2 years now, the transition will be a huge PIA. It's a good system, it's just so very different from anything else most people are doing.

Things like the code or trauma narrator, charge capturing and documentation so that patients are billed for everything we actually do, the MAR and the way it's set up-all will initially be very confusing, but eventually it will start to coalesce.

As a super user, be prepared to repeat things multiple times.

And, practice, practice, practice the blood transfusion process. It is VERY confusing- we still have to get the book out each ad every time we give blood, and we've been using EPIC for over a year. I would say those 2 to 3 things-code narrator, trauma narrator, and blood transfusion-were the most difficult, at least in our ED.

That and trying to figure out where to document the little things like wound care, pelvic exams, bladder scans, etc. Not necessarily an intuitive or logical program, but it works.

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I have been using it for a year in two different hospitals. I LOVE it. One hospital has a much better setup, but both are easy to navigate and make my life so much easier!

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We use it in our ED. I find it very easy to use, but its been a year and Im used to it. It was confusing to navigate initially and the Superusers were very much in demand. Once youre used to it, the system is great. We had superusers and EPIC personnel on site for the 1st 3 days, 24 hrs day. Pamphlets a plenty and the managers were pretty good at it as well. Its definitely doable.

Thanks everyone for all of the great info! Go live tomorrow.

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