Anyone dismissed from Galen?


Hello, I am new to AllNurses, I am in my second semester at Galen College of Nursing and I am pretty sure the end of this semester I will be kicked out. Last semester I had to drop Human Anatomy & Physiology Theory & Lab, I thought I was going to have to drop out due to some family issues, but I didn't. Well, because it was about half way through the quarter and I had a failing grade at the time it came up as a DF Dismissed Failing, now this semester I am going to pass my Theory class, but it looks like even if I get a perfect score on my last lab test I will still fail. Will I be dismissed for failing lab? Has anyone been dismissed from Galen before? If so, did you reapply? Just wondering what I can do. I know it seems like I don't care, but I do. I'm not going to make excuses, so I will only say that I messed up in my lab class. I want nothing more than to stay in school. Thanks in advance!



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I have no experience with your school but why not ask administration now? Maybe there is something you could do to prevent failing and showing an interest in staying in the program might make a difference.

Go to your instructor and administration to discuss your options.


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i know this is late, but for anyone who may find this later ill answer what i know.

Galen policy is 2 fails and your out. you WILL fail the whole quarter lecture lab and clinical even if you fail only one portion of those such as failing clinical but passing lab and lecture. they are pretty solid on this, and unless you provide good reasoning and determination to the faculty in the office (directors etc) you will be dismissed from the program. they are a very tough program and i graduated this year, we started with about 80-100 people and ended with about 40-50.