Anyone contracted with a hospital during school?


I am starting nursing school at APSU in TN this fall and am considering contracting with our local hospital to help pay for school. I do not know a whole lot about this program and am afraid of locking myself into a contract that isn't profitable. Any suggestions?


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I got a scholarship/loan from the local hospital in the town where I live. Basically, they will pay for my last two years of school and I will be obligated to work for them for 2 years after I graduate from nursing school. I will hire in at the same pay rate as all new RN's. I looked at this as an advantage. Due to the economy, I have heard that they are not doing a lot of hiring right now. So, I thought of this as a way to help create job security for when I finish school. I will have a job waiting for me while others will be job hunting.

That is really what I was hoping to do but I wasn't sure about the pay scale. If I could hire on at the regular new RN rate without a pay freeze, I can't see where it could be a losing situation. I am planning on staying in that area for at least two additional years after graduation anyway, so why not take advantage of the program? Do you also receive financial help from the hospital while you are in school (if you don't mind my asking!:wink2:)


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The hospital only pays for my tuition and books each semester. This is a set amount. What I do is buy my books online and save tons of $$$. This leaves me a little cash left over from the check they send me. The check comes to me in my name and not the schools name. This way I have control over how it is spent. When I went for my interview at the hospital, I had a list of questions to ask them. I wanted to be sure of what I was getting into. I would suggest you ask any questions you have, never assume....always ask. All hospitals are different with how they handle financial aid to nursing students. Be sure you know what they will expect from you. I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for the info. Any suggestions about what questions are most important?


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Here a few questions you may want to ask:

What is the hire rate for new RN's?

During this 2 year period, will I be eligible for pay raises?

If I get fired, will I still owe the money?

If the hospital does not have an open position when you graduate, can another hospital buy your contract? (this is common around here)

Will taxes be taken out on the money given to me? If so when?


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Hmmm...I start to apply at the hospitals Although I have about three months left in school and one hospital is willing to employ me as a graduate nurse. The pay is $18/hr. Let me see what happens.

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